As of the new year of 2019, BC is planning to be the leader in climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% within the next 12 years.
MJR Electric BC’s mission which is quoted below is aligned with this aggressive goal to help reduce the carbon emissions in British Columbia and wants to help progress Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Our mission statement is:

“Our purpose at MJR Electric BC is for colleagues to experience growth, to innovate the electrical industry, help reduce BC carbon emissions, and create a positive environment for customer fulfilment at a fair price. Our mission to accomplish this is to develop a partnership platform that will create a motivated team and outstanding customer experience while reducing British Columbia’s carbon emissions and innovate the electrical industry.” Truthfully, we are excited that BC is taking the leap and we want to help them lead the way.

This goal will not be an easy one, as previously our reductions in emissions have only been 3%, even though the economy grew at 17%. A 40% reduction will require a major decarbonization effort. The largest factor in this reduction will be the electrification of transport and industrial areas like the oil and gas sector.
MJR Electric BC is on board in supporting this initiative. We will assist in these changes by implementing solar and EV Charging systems through-out our community. Around Vancouver there is still little charging infrastructure however the charging availability is still sparse. Click here for article.

BC’s reduction goal includes the zero-emission vehicle mandate that will require 10% of all new car sales by 2025 to be electric or hydrogen fuel cell cars and 100% by 2040. Click here for Clean Energy BC PDF.

This will help reduce the usage of fossil fuels and carbon emissions in our province, but to be truthful, where will this energy come from? Can our infrastructure support new electricity demands? At present yes, in the future we will need to produce more electricity.

In the home sector, renewable energy such as solar power, renewable natural gas, or electric power will be options to reduce carbon energy sources while creating more electricity for the demand for electricity to come.

In conclusion, MJR Electric BC wants to lead in facilitation and generation, and do their companies part in achieving these decarbonization goals for British Columbia and the surrounding areas. We are supporting and helping grow the existing community of sustainability in the greater Vancouver area. Feel free to reach out to us via email, blog comment, or social media if you have any inquiries or questions.